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Watch Out for the Availability Bias!

The “Availability Bias”, sometimes called the “Availability Heuristic”, is a well-documented natural tendency for all of us to over-react to information that is most current or most easily available. This bias can cause individuals, businesses, and governments to make...

Don’t Let Employee Benefits Cause PR Problems!

Many people have expressed their views on the United Airlines story about Dr. Dao being pulled off his flight. Quickly forgotten that day was the fact that a week earlier, United had made headlines by not allowing some young women on their plane because they were...

Airlines Should Control, But Not Stop Overbooking

Some of the discussion around United’s PR problem with Dr. Dao centered on flight overbooking. This is unfortunate, as overbooking did not cause this situation and the process of overbooking saves customers money and makes more low fares available. Airlines overbook...


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Time for a New Airline Reliability Metric

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) has for decades collected and reported “on-time” data for US airlines. This metric is widely reported in the media, and is regularly used as a proxy for “reliability”. Headlines like “Airline X is the most on-time for March”...


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