The debate over health care often focuses on what people will lose, rather than what they could gain. The open market has proven itself to be a better and more efficient way to deliver results, and this can work in health care too. Rather than focus on what people would lose with the repeal of the ACA, we should focus on what could be gained if companies were allowed to fairly compete and offer a wide range of services that would better fit the growing and diverse population.

Some will undoubtedly be nervous about people losing coverage. Is this bad, if they can then have access to lower prices and more applicable coverage? The government is a proven good spender of tax dollars and a wealth redistributor, but outside of the military it does not have a good track record of efficient implementation. Who is more efficient and innovative, Amazon or Amtrak? United Parcel Service or the US Postal Service? Ebay or the TSA?

We all want good heath care that is affordable and well delivered. The disagreements come both on who will pay for this and what services will be offered. This is where the open market excels, as health care providers and payers will have the appropriate incentives to innovate and sign up everyone in the country, keep costs low, and add transparency to largely opaque consumer purchase. Everything wouldn’t be perfect of course, but solutions would be quicker, and a competitive environment for services would give more options than a one-size-fits-all approach.

As the nation debates heath care policy, let’s stay focused on the future and what will be provided, rather than obsess about the loss of the high cost, low value, high deductible plans many have been forced to in recent years.