Current Portfolio

Diemacher, LLC serves companies that are growing, need restructuring, and/or are disruptors within their space. Click below each logo to see the role Ben provides for each company.



Security Board member focused on biometric opportunities in Aviation and Transport spaces.


Board Member and advisor to this fast-growing airline in an even faster growing Indian aviation sector. Helping to hone and clarify strategy in advance of IPO.

Crypto Price Index

Advisor to the Board of this new index that will launch in 2020 and become the “Dow Jones” for crypto currency traders, with real time trading values and volumes for 200+ crypto currencies.


Operating Partner focused on evaluating and supporting investments in the transport, logistics, and distribution industries.


The Aerospace and Defense Acquisition Platform (ADAP) is focused on consolidating defense contractors to improve administrative efficiency while ensuring companies can focus their resources on their highest and best uses.


Advisory Board Member. PackRat’s merger with Zippy Shell has created a nationwide moving and storage service company.